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Boyhood Dreams Come True

This tale began when Matthew called to say that he wanted to charter Sagitta and get married on board. He told me that as a young boy, he dreamt of majestic sailing ships.

He was decisive, sure of himself, asked all the right questions. “Can the ceremony be held at sunset by the Pitons in St. Lucia”? It was apparent that Matthew had thought about every detail.

The more he asked, the more questions swirled around in my own head. Who was this unusual man, who pursued his childhood dreams of a romantic wedding at sea? And better yet, who was the Zen bride willing to relinquish the planning of one of her most important days to her husband? I would never know. Because true to his word, he was the only person we ever spoke to.

Fast forward to August 2015, and Matthew in his tuxedo and wingtip oxfords…his best man and Captain Patricio casually dressed, bare feet on the deck. Behind them lie the rolling peaks and valleys of the Pitons. The bride emerges in a beautiful beaded gown, a fairy-tale princess.

They exchange vows, and whisper “I do”. And then the universe chimes in and casts its magic spell of approval. There are visits from dolphins and a little sun shower, both signs of luck on a wedding day, followed by a rainbow of hope and harmony. They kiss.

Matthew's wedding


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